ADC has accomplished New Equipment Training (NET), Total Package Fielding (TPF), Doctrine and Tactics Training (DTT), Displaced Equipment Training (DET), and Sustainment Training (ST). ADC personnel

understand and have developed Basis of Issue Plan Feeder Data (BOIPFD), Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information (QQPRI), Data Interchange, New Equipment Training Plans (NETPs), Materiel Fielding Plans (MFP), and the relationship between the materiel developer, tester, trainer, supporter and user.  ADC personnel have coordinated and managed the successful completion of NET and TPF on a worldwide basis (CONUS/OCONUS). ADC has accomplished NET and Material Fielding for SBCCOM, TACOM, CECOM, PMMEP and USMC New Equipment Training (NET), Total Package Fielding (TPF), Deprocessing, Training Material Development/Updating and Modification application on electronic controlled/assisted computer operated/maintained systems, equipment, assemblies, components, subassemblies and all associated support equipment. ADC has developed computer-aided training material, conducted the initial review at the manufacture’s site, developed the operator and maintainer critical task list, developed training material consisting of POI, Lesson Plan, Trainee Guide, Visual Aids Manual, Critical Task List, CD-ROM, and test Instruments. ADC has successfully accomplished AMT, NET, TPF, Deprocessing, Inventory, Handoff and Modification on the following equipment:

  1. Modern Burner Unit (MBU) (SBCCOM)
  2. 2KW Military Tactical Generator (MTG) (SBCCOM)
  3. Laundry and Decontamination System (LADS) (SBCCOM)
  4. 30KW Tactical Quite Generator (TQG) (SBCCOM)
  5. Containerized Kitchen (CK) (TACOM - ILSC)
  6. Refrigeration Control System (REFER) (SBCCOM)
  7. 10 KW Tactical Quite Generator (TQG) (SBCOM)
  8. Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT) (SBCCOM)
  9. Mobile Field Kitchen (MFK) (SBCCOM)
  10. 600 Gallon Per Hour Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU) (TACOM)
  11. 3000 Gallon Per Hour Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU) (TACOM)
  12. 5 - 60 KW Tactical Quite Generator (5-60KW TQG) (PMMEP)
  13. 2KW Military Tactical Generator (2KW MTG) (PMMEP)
  14. 30/60KW MC II Tactical Quite Generator (30/60KW MCII TQG) (PMMEP)
  15. 3KW Tactical Quite Generator (3KW TQG) (PMMEP)
  16. 30/60KW MC II Tactical Quite Generator (30/60KW MCII TQG) (USMC)
  17. 3KW Tactical Quite Generator (3KW TQG) (USMC)
  18. 10KW Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) (Navy Warfare Center)
  19. Laundry and Decontamination System (LADS) (TACOM - ILSC)
  20. Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Container System (MTRCS) (TACOM - ILSC)
  21. 600 & 3000 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU)

To date ADC has accomplished 557 courses on Operation and Maintenance, trained 7439 students, deprocessed 4510 systems and completed 19,002 equipment modifications in 982 different locations CONUS and 61 different locations OCONUS.

  • Deprocessing Equipment

    Once equipment has arrived at a fielding site, ADC deploys the systems, conducts an inventory to ensure the system is complete, and initiates operation. Once the systems are operational and complete, the receiving unit can inspect the equipment, confirm full operational capability, and the receiving property book officer subsequently signs for the equipment properly achieving hand-off. As part of deprocessing, ADC provides all personnel, skills, test equipment, tools, and material necessary to repair and provide Initial Operating Capability.

  • Inventory/Handoff

    ADC conducts a joint inventory with MACOM and receiving units to ensure that all required assemblies, sub-assemblies and support equipment are available or noted as shortage for requisition.

  • New Equipment Training

    ADC is extremely experienced in fielding equipment, and providing the necessary transfer of knowledge/skills from the manufacture to both operations and maintenance personnel. ADC provides these services when and where the soldier needs it; we have experienced rain, snow, mud, heat, combat and garrison environments.

    ADC's expert trainers have conducted Instructor and Key Personnel Training (IKPT) for TRADOC, Manufacturer Interface Training, New Equipment Training (NET), and Sustainment Training, in both CONUS and OCONUS locations. All ADC instructors are qualified and certified by MACOM, and continuously undergo review on a mission by mission basis to ensure all training support packages are provided and tasks are completed.

    ADC provides a reduction in risk to soldiers by utilizing a staff of trainers who have a vast knowledge base and experience on new technology and system capabilities, along with proven instructional experience providing for the effective transfer of knowledge to soldiers. We have trained Synchronized Pre-Deployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT) personnel on staff, which allows ADC to deploy trainers to any location world-wide; much of ADC’s experience has been in Iraq and Afghanistan deployments.

  • Maintenance/Repair

    ADC trainers have proven effectiveness in assisting both operators and maintainers in the performance of equipment operation, maintenance, and sustainment of operations. ADC training programs support initial and refresher training for all Power Generation, Water Purification, Combat Field Feeding Commodity, Field Service Commodity, and Water/Fuel Distribution systems.

    ADC training methods provide all operation and maintenance procedures along with fault isolation and repair at the levels identified in the TRADOC approved training support packages (TSP), within the training materials, and in line with the MAC. ADC continually updates its training materials to ensure every end item modification/change or field lessons learned are transferred to the soldier during NET and TRADOC for training.

ADC’s proven approach provides:

  • Operational controls and equipment operation
  • Fault Isolation for all components at all levels of maintenance
  • Troubleshooting, and Repair of all components at all levels of maintenance

ADC also develops computer based training which is based on IKPT materials and utilized for NET or Sustainment Training. ADC ensures that every soldier we train is equipped with a complete set of training materials to help reinforce and sustain what they learn.

ADC also develops Interactive Multimedia Instructional (IMI) training materials, which allows the instructor and students to interact with the training material being utilized. These materials are accepted and approved by the MACOM, TRADOC and CASCOM prior to usage.

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