ADC History

Advanced Design Corporation was founded on 23 December 1968 by Dr. Stephen L. Gageby, in Springfield, Virginia as a provider of drafting support.  Initial clients included the United States Army Harry Diamond Laboratories (HDL), Adelphi, Maryland (now Army Research Lab) and the Night Vision Laboratory (NVL), Fort Belvoir, Virginia (now Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate).  ADC’s expertise in Engineering and Integrated Logistics evolved as the needs of our customers multiplied.

In the early 1970s, ADC supported the US Army and NVL with program management, design, development and integrated logistics for major technologies of night vision devices Image Intensification (I2).  ADC’s expertise expanded to include thermal imaging as night vision technology advanced. We supported the design and development of the 1st Generation of Thermal Imaging components, the Common Modules.

In the 1980s, ADC’s long-term association with Night Vision Labs (NVL) continued to grow as we supported many of the successful programs that originated there.  As these programs entered the production phase of their lifecycle, ADC provided Production Engineering, Configuration Management and Integrated Logistics Support services to NVL Image Intensification efforts.  We also played a leading role in supporting the US Army with automated Warranty Record tracking and support for the thousands of I2 devices now entering the field.  Our engineers, technicians and logisticians also supported Production Engineering and Configuration Management of thermal programs.  This included the Common Modules, Tank Thermal Sight (TTS) for the M60 Patton, Thermal Integrated Sight (TIS) for the M1 Abrams, TOW, Dragon and other Man portable NV Systems.   During this decade, ADC also began supporting various Laser rangefinder programs.


In addition to our Army work, ADC worked with US Navy clients.  We supported Naval Surface Warfare Centers at White Oak, MD, and Dahlgren, VA, Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head, MD and the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC.  ADC engineers and technicians designed and developed many different systems from Surface Warfare technology to Aviation equipment and Space applications.  One of the largest and most involved of these efforts was a Satellite Launch vehicle and dispenser for use aboard NASA Space Shuttle for the deployment and positioning of military satellites into earth orbit.


The 1990s brought a continuation of support to NVL and associated PMs in support of the development of several new systems and ongoing efforts with existing systems in production and in the field. Both ADC and many individual employees were recognized for outstanding contributions to Desert Storm and Desert Shield operations during this time as well.

Another very important development during this decade was the acquisition and development of automated engineering and design tools.  ADC as a small business was a pioneer in implementing and operating Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) tools.  ADC selected Pro/ENGINEER solid modeling software and ANSYS Finite Element Analysis software as our standard engineering tools.  This required a substantial investment of corporate resources, which continues pay huge dividends to this day!

With the change of the Millennium, ADC continued to build and strengthen our relationship with our long-term customers in Electronic Sensors, Soldier Support Equipment, Physical Security and Mobile Electric Power.  Advancements in automation and computer technologies allowed ADC to provide our customers with greater functionality by lowering costs and reducing lead times.  ADC also added Video Production and Multimedia Development to our growing list of competencies.  These capabilities were a natural evolution due to our effort in Logistics, Training, and Sustainment missions.  Changes in contracting practices by the US Government created a need for ADC to develop and strengthen our relationships with the many Prime contractors on various omnibus contracting efforts.  This has allowed ADC to make and develop new relationships with other government agencies and private industry business which has also had a positive impact on our total revenues.

With our rich and successful 40 year history, one thing remains a constant, ADC management and staff is still committed to making the changes, and investing in technologies and resources to allow ADC to remain a best value solution for our customers.  We look forward to our future!








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