ADC’s Logistics efforts emphasize focus on cost effective product support, using resources that are planned or available, while at the same time ensuring that performance requirements are satisfied or exceeded. ADC recommends that logistics studies and analyses, such as Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) begin early in the design phase of your program. We can assign an ILS Manager to your program to develop and manage an appropriate ILS strategy including all ILS planning documentation, or, implement a specific ILS program as you
may require. ADC can also staff the resulting ILS program or augment your staff with personnel with expertise in the necessary disciplines. Because of the interrelationship between ILS and Systems Engineering, it is not uncommon for ILS programs to be staffed by personnel from each division. ADC also supports military ILS programs directly, in many cases serving as the government ILS Manager. In fact, we are often instrumental in generating ILS requirements for DoD equipment solicitations. ADC has developed a unique and thorough understanding of DoD’s ILS requirements, how they have evolved over time, and the importance of a strong logistics program.


ADC provides training support on a worldwide basis. We can do as much or as little as you need to assist you in attaining your training goals. We can provide a wide spectrum of training support, ranging from complete training solutions to providing portions of your training program. We conduct training courses – those developed by you or those we develop. ADC can create effective training courses and materials for your instructors. We also develop "on-the-job" training packages, generally shipped with the product to users as "self-teach" materials. Look to ADC to assess your training needs and recommend an appropriate training strategy to fit your budget and satisfy your customer.

Equipment Publications:
Do the manuals provided with your product provide accurate and simple, well illustrated procedures for easy operation and reduced likelihood of injury to the equipment or operator? Do they enable repair and maintenance in a timely and cost effective manner? ADC’s equipment publication development experience spans a full range of military publications for the US Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, as well as for joint service applications and commercial customers. Regardless of the particular format or customer, accurate technical content, safety, cost effectiveness, and ease of use by the designated target audience are the primary criteria in constructing all equipment publications at ADC. We deliver well illustrated, simplified publications that are consistent with the reading-grade level and technical expertise of the target audience. ADC can develop manuals within the guidelines of publication specifications (military or commercial) or can propose the best structure for your individual application. Our Graphics Department is staffed with experts at preparing and formatting the necessary artwork to accompany text – from technical isometric drawings to artistic renditions.

ADC specializes in:

•    Manuals describing the operation of your product design specifically for your product users
•    Maintenance manuals for use by technically capable maintenance personnel
•    Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPBs) depicting parts to be repaired / replaced.

Equipment Modifications:
Do you want to implement an improvement or modification to a product already in the market and in your users’ hands, but don’t have the manpower to accomplish the modification? ADC maintains a team of technicians that travel globally to do just that. In fact, ADC’s modification team can be used in conjunction with our training team to ensure that the product improvement is understood and used properly by your customer. For minor modifications that can be made by your customer, let ADC prepare an installation, operation and maintenance manual or videotape to specifically address the product improvement; it can be formatted to ship easily with your modification parts kit.

Provisioning/Inventory Control:
Do you have a requirement from your customer to deliver a provisioning database in accordance with an unfamiliar detailed data element dictionary? Are you sure that the optimal quantities of spare parts are stocked? Whether you require unique provisioning products to accompany your delivery to the military or are trying to control internal inventory costs, ADC can help. ADC is an expert in preparing Provisioning Technical Documentation including Provisioning Parts Listings – from the rigid requirements of military standards to increasingly popular customer tailored lists in accordance with unique data element dictionaries. We maintain dedicated LSAR Automated Data Processing (ADP) systems solely for this purpose. ADC can provide parts standardization services and engineering approved parts listing guidelines for your designers. ADC provisioners also work closely with reliability engineers in our Systems Engineering department in determining appropriate inventory stockage levels. We are experts at developing reliability predictions and forecasting inventory demands from these predictions.

Logistics Support Analysis:
Have you evaluated the logistic resources that must accompany your product and have you included these resources in your cost analyses? Are you designing your product with regard to logistic resources? Maintenance concept, supply support and equipment, training, technical data such as manuals, packaging & handling, warehousing, and transportation/transportability can influence your product cost significantly. ADC can construct and implement an ILS plan, tailored to your specific program. Although we recommend establishing an LSA program early in the product life cycle so that product design itself can be influenced with regard to system support and associated cost, ADC can help you establish an appropriate LSA plan and improve your product support at any time. ADC has at its disposal a variety of modeling techniques and cost estimating algorithms that support our analysts in determining the optimal logistic support resources for your product configuration. Let ADC ensure that you can deliver the product support demanded by your customers more cost effectively than your competition.

Does your product support satisfy your customers’ needs effectively? Strong, cost effective product support can differentiate your product and services from your competitor’s. Of course, maintaining an ILS staff is often cost prohibitive for manufacturers and resellers as they concentrate on their core competencies. ADC’s core competency IS Integrated Logistics Support! We can help you implement a full ILS program early in the product life cycle; alternatively, we can just provide those ILS services/products specifically required by your customer.


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