Sustainment involves the supportability of fielded systems and their subsequent life cycle product support - from initial procurement to supply chain management (including maintenance) to reutilization and disposal. This process typically begins when a portion of the production quantity has been fielded for operational use. Advanced Design Corporation (ADC) can provide a wealth of support in this arena. IMG_1714

ADC can provide the following services and more to aid you in fulfilling your sustainment needs.

Sustainment Services
Execution and oversight of performance based logistics initiatives, including the management of performance agreements with force and support providers
Oversight of implementation of support systems integration strategies
Application of diagnostics, prognostics, and other condition based maintenance techniques
Coordination of logistics information technology and other enterprise integration efforts
Implementation of logistics footprint reduction strategies
Coordination of mission area integration
Identification of technology insertion opportunities
Identification of operations and support cost reduction opportunities and monitoring of key support metrics


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