Position: Petroleum Quality Analysis System (PQAS) Instructor  

Location: World Wide (CONUS/OCONUS)/Relocation not required
Position Type: TBD
Experience: 5-12 Years Experience
Desired Background: Military
Security Clearance: Secret

This position requires a secret clearance for access to US Government classified information.


Job Description

The Petroleum Quality Analysis System (PQAS) Instructor is a member of the ADC New Equipment Training (NET) and Material Fielding (MF) Team. The ADC NET/MF Team will provide the expertise required to accomplish Operator and Field Level Maintenance (FLM) New Equipment Training on PQAS. The support provided by the ADC NET/MF Team will provide training on PAWS for contracted supported personnel at Army Prepositioned Stock sites in OCONUS locations. Training will provide Government contracted personnel at APS sites with the knowledge required to perform operation/maintenance and care of supplies in storage (COSIS) of various PQAS.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Conduct Operator and Maintenance Training in both classroom and practical exercise environment on PQAS
  • Must be able to obtain a secret clearance

Qualification Requirements:

  • 5-12 Years of related experience with proven ability conducting Operator training in both classroom and hands-on environment on PQAS.
  • Experience with proven ability conducting Operator training in both classroom and  hands-on environment on PQAS
  • Army Instructor (completed Army Instructor course or equivalent)
  • Proven experience accomplishing training on PQAS

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to stand, walk, kneel, bend continuously for 4 to 6 hours a day
  • Must be able to pick up and carry 50 lbs for more than 100 feet, 10 times a day
  • Must be able to work with power tools overhead for 4 hours a day
  • Must be able to work with hand tools while standing, sitting, laying or kneeling

Desired Requirements:

  • Retired or former  military
  • Experienced in military terminology
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel and Power Point
  • Experience with the following systems - Forward Area Water Point Supply System, Fuel System Supply Point (FSSP) and Petroleum Quality Analysis System (PQAS).

To apply, submit resume to: humanresources@advdesign.com

Woodbridge, Virginia
4340 Prince William Pkwy, STE 103
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192